It is possible to stay at hotels near Odawara Station or Atami Station, if you prefer.

However, the participants of the Oxford Conference can book rooms at Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa (Conference site) at a special discount rate. Please note that the displayed room fee covers breakfast but not a 16% service charge or taxes.

To book a room at a special discount rate, please PRECISELY follow the instructions 1-7 below.

1. Visit the special booking site by Hilton below.

2. Then, on the page “Reservation for the Oxford Conference participants,” you can join the Hilton Honors or sign in as a member of Hilton Honors by hitting the buttons in the right upper corner (optional). Note that a Hilton Honors member can enjoy free Wi-Fi service in a guest room.
3. On the page “Reservation for the Oxford Conference participants,” hit the “Book a Room” button and proceed to the booking page.
4. On this page, do NOT select a room yet, but first hit the “Edit Stay” button in the right upper corner to edit your booking.
5. Select the dates to stay. Note that if you select October 16 or earlier dates as check-in or October 22 or later dates as check-out, you cannot have a discount at all.
6. Select the number of persons staying in a room.
7. Hit the “Update” button.
8. Then, select a room type. There are two types of rooms; Hilton Superior Twin Room (max 3 persons) and Japanese Western Deluxe Room (max 6 persons). If more guests share a room, the room fee per a guest becomes lower. Note that in the Hilton Superior Twin Room, there are 2 single-sized beds and an additional extra bed could be prepared, In the Japanese Western Deluxe Room, there are 2 single-sized beds and 1 sofa bed, and additionally up to 3 sets of Japanese style “futon” for additional 3 persons could be prepared,


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