Instructions for oral presentation (for connection of your PC with a projector)

For your oral presentation, please bring your own laptop. A Windows PC is preferable but a Mac could be used. Also, please have an AC adaptor to supply electricity to your laptop. If necessary, please bring a conversion adaptor for the electric outlet in Japan.

Please place your laptop on the desk on the rostrum. Please connect the projector with your laptop by inserting the VGA terminal (D-sub 15 pins terminal) of the projector into the VGA port of your Windows PC. If there is no VGA terminal in your PC (e.g., Mac), please connect them via the following conversion adaptors that will be prepared on the desk.

– VGA to Thunderbolt Conversion Adapter
– VGA to USB Type-C Conversion Adapter
– VGA to HDMI Conversion Adapter

Please also bring your PowerPoint file saved in a USB memory in preparation for your PC troubles.

Instructions for poster presentation

The poster board (poster panel) size is 210 cm high and 90 cm wide (vertical). Please leave 10 cm (height) in the upper part of the panel for the space to show poster numbers. So, the maximum size of the poster could be 200 cm high and 90 cm wide.

Important note: Please do not use adhesive tapes to fix posters onto panels, which damages the surface of panels. We will provide pins to fix posters onto panels.


Poster panels will be set up in the evening on October 17. You may keep your posters on the panel until 2 pm on October 20. Please remove your posters by 3 pm on October 20.


Posters are classified into4 groups; Group 1 (P01-P13), Group 2 (P14-P26), Group 3 (P27-P38) and Group 4 (P39-P50). In each group at the beginning of each poster session, please introduce the important point of the poster within 2.5 min (max 3 min) without discussion one by one in a sequential order. Please follow the instructions from the chairpersons.


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